Partner Testimonials

Hearts to Homes is able to support foster youth by partnering with exceptional foster care agencies.  These agencies have witnessed the impact that is made when these young adults are provided with essential home furnishings.

"Cardinal McCloskey Community Services is honored to be united with Hearts to Homes in helping foster care youth begin a new life in a new home. As a proud founding partner of the program, I continue to be deeply impressed with the excellent work of Hearts to Homes. I have the benefit of seeing firsthand the tremendous support the recipients receive. Hearts to Homes is dedicated to helping foster care youth create a path of success by having their first home be a real home – complete with the everyday necessities for a comfortable and positive home life."

Beth Finnerty
Cardinal McCloskey Community Services

"Too frequently across this nation, youth aging out of foster care are at tremendous risk of being homeless. They lack the social networks and financial resources to weather the many challenges life presents them.

Hearts to Homes understands this and finds that reality to be unacceptable. We tremendously value the vision, dedication, and generosity of the founders of Hearts to Homes and the many donors who make their mission possible."

Craig Longley
Catholic Guardian Services

"How do you bring hope, a sense of security, and renewal to a young person healing from trauma? Hearts to Homes has found a way!

For young people who are not guaranteed a stable environment due to circumstances beyond their control as they exit foster care, a well-appointed apartment furnishes a feeling of pride and much-needed stability as they enter adulthood.

Hearts to Homes has proven to be an invaluable piece of the embracing community support that helps launch vulnerable young people into a healthier, happier, promising future."

William Weisberg

"Moving into one’s own home is a major life milestone – particularly for those in The Foundling’s foster care programs. When our youth age out of care, we support them in finding an apartment, so they can begin their independent lives. While our government partners work to ensure that young people leaving foster care have a place to live, it is only through the generosity of partners like Hearts to Homes and that of private donors that these young people have the furniture and household items necessary to make their new apartment feel like a home.

Our partnership with Hearts to Homes is crucial in creating a safe and stable place for a young person leaving foster care, so they can find their place in this world and become successful adults. All of us at The Foundling are deeply grateful for the great work that Hearts to Homes is doing for young people in foster care, and cherish their vital role in helping our participants make this important transition."

Bill Baccaglini
The New York Foundling

"Over the past five years I have witnessed young people who transition to their own homes and independency without the familial supports that make a first apartment a home.

Hearts to Homes has been a welcome change from that! Our young people now have tables, chairs, and dinnerware to start new traditions of meals with family, friends, and partners; sofas where they can find relief after a hard day, and an opportunity to build loving memories in a home all their own. The smiles on their faces at having the necessities of a home just as they’re making a significant change in their life are so special and speak volumes to the importance of Hearts to Home.

We are deeply appreciative of our partnership and all the wonderful items our youth have received.

Thank you, Hearts to Homes."

Gwen Vargas
Graham Windham

"Moving into a home of one's own is a significant milestone for all young adults. Hearts to Homes honors the profound significance of this step for young people aging out of foster care and understands how anxiety-provoking it can be for even our most resilient and resourceful young people.

Through the generosity of Hearts to Homes, youth at JCCA receive the furnishings and decorations that make a housea home, helping create a space of their own that reflects the stability and support we want for them for years to come."

Ronald E. Richter

"Youth aging out of foster care without support often do not finish school, are chronically unemployed, have no stable place to live. This must change!

We are proud of our partnership with Hearts to Homes! Together, we are supporting youth by making the transition to their adult lives much smoother.

While Children’s Village provides housing and a foundation for saving money and pursuing education and careers, Hearts to Homes provides home furnishings that make places feel like homes, giving our youth real encouragement as they make this difficult transition.

Hearts to Homes is a unique organization that makes a tremendous difference to our youth – thank you!"

Jeremy Kohomban
The Children’s Village

"Hearts to Homes has made it possible for young people who have experienced trauma of abuse and neglect, compounded by being separated from their parents and growing up in foster care, with a significant boost as they transition to their adult lives.

The home furnishings provided by Hearts to Homes’ generous donors combined with the support, skill building and services provided by Rising Ground offer them a foundation to build their future. We are grateful for our partnership with Hearts to Homes."

Alan Mucatel
Rising Ground