What do our partners say?

What do our partners say?

“Youth aging out of foster care without support often do not finish school, are chronically unemployed, have no stable place to live. This must change!

We are proud of our partnership with Hearts to Homes! Together, we are supporting youth by making the transition to their adult lives much smoother.
While Children’s Village provides housing and a foundation for saving money and pursuing education and careers, Hearts to Homes provides home furnishings that make places feel like homes, giving our youth real encouragement as they make this difficult transition.

Hearts to Homes is a unique organization that makes a tremendous difference to our youth – thank you!”

Jeremy Kohomban, President and CEO
The Children’s Village

“Moving into a home of one’s own is a significant milestone for all young adults. Hearts to Homes honors the profound significance of this step for young people aging out of foster care and understands how anxiety-provoking it can be for even our most resilient and resourceful young people.

Through the generosity of Hearts to Homes, youth at JCCA receive the furnishings and decorations that make a house a home, helping create a space of their own that reflects the stability and support we want for them for years to come.”

Ronald E. Richter, CEO and Executive Director

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