Reflect, if you can, on what it must be like to be a foster child. To be removed from your family and find yourself in a position that is so full of questions and hurt and uncertainty. And then as you grow up, knowing that at some point, the support that you do have… from a foster family or from an organization like Cardinal McCloskey Community Services… will end when you reach a certain age and you will be on your own.

Have you ever helped your child get set up in a dorm or in their first apartment? Remember all the things that you helped them buy, helped them carry and helped them set up? Now imagine this young adult, who has aged out of foster care, setting up their first apartment. All too frequently that apartment has a bed, a dresser and nothing else. Close your eyes and imagine that… their first home… that’s all it has.

Thankfully, with the support of kind individuals from around the world, Hearts to Homes seeks to help these youngsters create a warm, inviting, furnished and equipped home for themselves.

This is a virtual, online housewarming for young adults who have aged out of foster care. If you can contribute an item today, these apartments will no longer contain just a bed. They won’t be empty; they will really look like homes. Most importantly, these young adults will know that there are people in this world who truly care about them.

Please click here to make a contribution.