About Us

Hearts to Homes, originally a program of Cardinal McCloskey Community Services (“CMCS”), was created in March 2016 to support young adults aging out of foster care in establishing their first independent apartment.

Under the leadership of CMCS management and the assistance of CMCS staff and Hearts to Homes volunteers, we achieved an amazing level of success. Volunteers ran social media campaigns, while social workers identified candidates and worked with them on their “wish lists.” Development staff accepted donations and coordinated deliveries from our preferred vendors, and facilities staff handled the delivery of all non-furniture items to the young adults’ new homes. Many people, including our many generous donors, helped to make the program successful.

Through the strategic use of social media, donations to the program have been received from across the country and even from international locations. Our success in helping young adults aging out of foster care, led to the first successful expansion of the program in May 2017 and finally to the creation of Hearts to Homes as an independent charity in November 2017. Hearts to Homes is run by volunteers, so that your donations can be delivered straight to our young adults.

Board of Directors

  • Kim Cahill
  • Mary Galeone, RSM
  • Jim Kopp
  • Arthur C. Lange
  • Jeanne Marconi, M.D.
  • Mary Theresa McCombe
  • Ellen McGlynn
  • Paul McLaughlin
  • Greg Spero
  • Debbra Stolarik
  • Diane Vezza
  • Laurie Wilson

Supported Agencies

Participating Vendors

Thank you to our corporate partners for providing discounts on the items we are able to purchase for the youth aging out of foster care.