Donor Testimonials

Donor Testimonials

“You have a very clear picture of who you are helping, a young person, who is making a start on their own. It’s a big step in life. How nice to have a new set of the essentials to get this young person started off on the right foot.”

Maureen & Bob Clark

“Within the last 2 years, my 4 children have moved a total of 8 times, with more moves on the horizon. Each move required significant manpower and dollars for success. When all of these moves were transpiring in our lives, the Hearts to Homes program began, and I thought to myself, ‘How in the world would a young adult be able to accomplish all this on their own?’ Thank goodness Hearts to Homes was established. There was minimal impact for me to add one more item to the Bed Bath & Beyond shopping cart, and it is so easy to share this great program with friends. Knowing we could help someone in some small way, paying it forward, was gratifying. Seeing the video of the young adults, lining their shelves, placing their new household items in their new home, was simply heartwarming. To all of those who implemented Hearts to Homes, and to all those who benefit from Hearts to Home, I hope this little bit of help leads to even more success.”

Cathy Franzetti

“As soon as I heard about the project to furnish apartments for young adults moving out of foster care, my heart was moved to contribute in any way possible. I imagined what it would be like for me to move out on my own without family and friends to support me. Where would I be today without the warm embrace of those who cared for me? Where would I have found moral, emotional and financial support? I needed to respond, and I was grateful that a simple, practical way to make a difference in a person’s life and future was provided.”

Mary Galeone, RSM, Board member

“I give to Hearts to Homes because it represents a clean start in an individual’s life, a chance to start fresh with some of the basics everyone needs to build a home and a new life.”

Paul McLaughlin, Board member

“I honestly can say that I never thought of someone ‘aging out of foster care.’ I can’t imagine starting out in a new apartment without all the basic necessities. Hearts to Homes is assisting these young adults and is giving them the support as if they were their own family. It gives us great joy to know that the Foundation in memory of our son, Frank III, is able to assist these young adults. Franky was always such generous person and would be very proud to know that we are able to make this donation.”

Laura Sinatra; President, Franky’s Field of Dreams Foundation

“It brought me back in time when I was in my 20’s and had moved to a new state. I was moving into an empty apartment and was overwhelmed with all of the different things I had to buy to set up my new abode. Lucky for me, a high school buddy of mine and his wife were living not too far away… the three of us went to the store; I gave his wife my credit card… After about 2 hours, the shopping was complete. I was very thankful for not only what she did but also for purchasing items that I didn’t even think of… I wanted these young adults to experience that same joy that I experienced and not get overwhelmed and to pay it forward.”

Greg Spero, Board Member

“Early in my social work career, I was a foster care worker for the Department of Social Services. Many of my kids were placed as tweens and struggled to feel accepted and part of any family. When they aged out, that was it; we let them loose and prayed they would not fail in the scary world of adulthood. I never knew what happened to them. I wonder to this day… ‘Who made it?’ The Hearts to Homes program supports these young adults and ensures they are prepared in their new adult home. I am honored to assist with this worthwhile cause!”

Kelsey Wilkes, MSW, LCSW-C